The Song of the Francs

From obscure beginnings as the youngest son of Pepin of Herstal, through his unlikely rise to power, and finally to the tragic end of his life, this is the untold story of Charles Martel, the hero who would save his people and forge a nation.

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The Bastard of Colonia

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Lovers of historical biographies are in for a treat. Sometimes historical biography is written with such immediacy that eras fade as we travel backward in time, and the characters seem to meet us halfway, their human emotions so contemporary. (...)
I was gripped from the first page and look forward to reading the entire collection.

Luce G.

I rate the book four out of four stars because it enabled me to travel back to a world that preceded our times. Apart from the exhilarating journey, the setting was spectacular, with unique names and terms. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction will find this book mesmerizing.


In the course of relating this story, the author carries the reader back in time to the point that one can practically smell the smells and hear the sounds of city life in the Middle Ages. (...) While it is undeniable that history is at the foundation of this book, it remains what it is, quite simply put, a gripping and compelling story that will be of interest to anyone that likes a good read.

Sharron M.

The Casur of the Isles


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